S. Pleasant Valley Road/Wingate Drive/Featherbed Lane Access Management Plan – City of Winchester

Study Overview

A VDOT STARS study of South Pleasant Valley Road recommends modifications at Wingate Drive and Featherbed Lane to reduce crash frequency and improve roadway operations. This study will refine design concepts for the modifications with input from the public.

The improvements suggested in the STARS study report substantially reduce the number of conflict points and reduces the crashes by eliminating left turns at Wingate Drive (a private roadway) on the west side and the private entrance to Best Buy on the east side.  This is accomplished by extending the median along S. Pleasant Valley Road.  An additional right turn lane is proposed along eastbound Featherbed Lane to improve roadway capacity.

Benefits of Study Recommendations

  • Fewer crashes
  • Reduced delay

Study Timeline

This project will be completed in FY 2022.


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