Mall Boulevard and Millwood Avenue Access Management Plan

Study Overview

Millwood Avenue (US Routes 17/50/522) just west of I‐81 Exit 313 has several signals, intersections and driveways over a short section of roadway.  In addition, Exit 313 is programmed to be improved with replacement of both bridge spans. To improve roadway safety and operation, the City of Winchester has proposed the following:

  • Signals at Mall Boulevard will be removed, the existing intersection closed for left turns to/from Millwood Avenue westbound, and Mall Boulevard will be made right‐in and right‐out.
  • A new median cut and unsignalized left turn lane serving the Clarion Inn/Lee‐Jackson Conference Center/Perkins will be established west of the existing Mall Boulevard intersection for westbound Millwood Avenue ingress.
  • An additional westbound left turn lane will be added on the approach to the Millwood Avenue/Apple Blossom Drive intersection; and the eastbound right‐turn lane approaching the I‐ 81 southbound on‐ramp will be extended.

The purpose of this project is to perform preliminary engineering of Millwood Avenue from the I‐81 interchange to Apple Blossom Drive to set the design for future development of construction drawings, inform the public and set the project budget.

Benefits of Study Recommendations

  • Improved corridor operations and progression through intersection improvements and access management
  • Safer pedestrian movement with a new pedestrian bridge
  • Improved roadway aesthetics and gateway enhancements

Study Timeline

  • Study Kick-Off Meeting held on January 24, 2020
  • Preliminary plans completed March 2021
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